Welcome Neighbor

I know some of you are super excited to be here, and I'm delighted to host you. Please don't worry about logging-in until you're enrolled into a class or workshop. It won't get you anywhere yet. xoxo

Refill Your Cup

Schedule a private video appointment to help you stay healthy, creative & flexible. Don't feel like these words describe you? All the more reason to schedule now.

In this one-hour session, you  get personalized reminders, skills & tools to ease pain/discomfort, manage your anxiety, & help shift your perspective as you adjust to the transitions life drops on your doorstep. 

Life is ever changing, and the pace is frenetic. You can jump off that wheel. Remember that there is enough. That you are enough. 

And I can help. 

YES I need this!
Hi, welcome! 
I'm Diane, Di, or some version of SunFisherDi. My niblings call me Aunt DiDi.

I am a Creator & Facilitator who teaches you how to Embrace, Heal & Stretch You. Help you remember your Juicy. Your Muchness. Offers you a pausing place, helps you to create sacred space & sacred spaces. 

This work is rooted in Love. A deep Eozoic level of Love that oozes Empathy, dwells in Possibility, walks in Action & stands in Accountability. 

I offer you my hand. Join me.

Divine Darkness

It is time to nuture the bulbs & roots, to rest & go within. Join us as we nourish & re-create ourselves for the journey ahead. 

Seven weeks of devoted self-care & exploration.  Doors open with the new moon on December 14. 

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I'm intrigued...